Who are Roma ?

Who are the ethnic Gypsies, or – as they prefer to call themselves – Roma or Romanies? Few people know the full story, and many people conflate Roma with Romanians or define them as nomads, a common misconception.Having traveled from India to the Middle East, Europe and Russia, Romany (also spelled “Romani”) musicians kept their Indic language and created unique, inspiring music and dance styles such as Gypsy Jazz in France or Flamenco in Spain.

Today, VIA ROMEN would like to share this music and dance with you.

In addition to making top-notch music, Via Romen’s aim is to educate the public about Romany cultures and human rights issues. We seek to dispel false ideas about who “Gypsies” are and replace them with accurate, up-to-date information about Romany subgroups, occupations, and aspirations.

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